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November 18, 2017

Being a girl boss (and a pretty new one) I love seeing people have the guts to follow their dreams - especially in the bridal industry as things aren't always as glamorous as you may think. After seeing Kindling Bridal pop up on Instagram and watching their feed grow day by day I got the chance to meet Kerri at a recent event and just talk wedding dresses. Because you know, that's just what I do!


When I met Kerri I could instantly see the passion she had for the pieces she had created and in this business passion is key to getting you through those hard times. Like Flamingo Boulevard, Kerri's business grew from the frustration of trying to find her own perfect wedding dress. She knew exactly what she wanted but after visiting a number of boutiques just didn't find 'the one'. However with a degree in fashion and an idea in her head Kerri set out to make her own bridal masterpiece with her very own hands and I suppose that is how Kindling Bridal was born.




For me, the gorgeous Kindling Bridal collection just oozes romance. With a mixture of beautiful intricate lace and luxurious pure silks you will be sure to feel like a bohemian goddess on your special day. Kerri has ingeniously taken very traditional fabrics and created pieces that would scream out to any modern and contemporary bride. Using these fabric and marrying them with the fit and silhouette that Kerri has, just makes for some truly stunning gowns. 


So if you like what you hear you will be so excited to know these gowns are going to be available at Flamingo Boulevard for a very limited time. From 24th November - 8th December we will be hosting Kindling Bridal's very first Northern trunk show!


I think its really important for my brides to know where their dresses are coming from and just how much work goes into making each and every wedding dress that comes to Flamingo Boulevard - after all your wedding dress was once an idea in the designers head. We sat down with Kerri and ask her a few questions so you can really get to know about this incredible new brand.



How hard was it for you to design your collection?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't lose any sleep over my launch collection! However I really enjoy the design process, so although it wasn't easy, it was certainly enjoyable. I feel like the actual styles came quite easily, but I spent so much time deliberating over the details such as seam placements, lace trims and finding the perfect fabrics.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere! I used to live in Australia, and I was in California just before I started designing this collection so I drew heavily on the relaxed, bohemian, laid back style that girls who live near beaches tend to do so well- I definitely didn't want any styles that looked too stuffy or uncomfortable.

I think the music I played in my studio whilst designing probably had a strong influence too- cool, indie girls such as Lorde, Florence, Haim and Aurora- I'm in love with each of their individual styles and would love to see any of these women in Kindling.

Describe the perfect bridal party which would compliment one of your gowns?

Ooh, this is a dangerous question as I could be here all day. I like to think a Kindling gown could be incorporated into a wide range of wedding styles. I just like to think that whatever bridal party that might be, it's one where the couple do their own thing, stay true to their own style and basically have a day filled with love (and dancing!) Have a look at the Kindling Bridal Pinterest board if you want visuals (from stationary to flowers to decor- I'm obsessed!) There's a pretty eclectic mix on there but I like to think the uniting theme is a cool, loved up couple at the heart of it all.


What has been your favourite part of the process so far?

Actually having people wear my gowns! I feel so much joy when a bride to be tries my dresses on- nothing beats that feeling, it's so nice to see how a woman can get so much joy from trying a dress on. I can't wait to have my showroom finished so I can experience this feeling more often, but for now I'm enjoying the trunk shows, where the whole collection gets to sit alongside other amazing designers in some very cool boutiques!

A close second would be the photoshoots I've done so far, as it's truly wonderful to get to work with fellow creatives in this wonderful industry.

Being both a designer and a now Wife, what one piece of advice would you give to a bride searching for her dream dress?

Enjoy the experience! Wedding dress shopping should be a lovely time in your wedding process when you get to spend quality time with your tribe. It's good to try on different styles and see what suits you, but ultimately it's down to what you feel good in. You might not get that movie-moment of tears when you put on 'the one', and you might need to go away and think about it before you choose- it can be such an overwhelming decision, but it should be an exciting decision on top of anything.



Fancy being one of the first Kindling Bridal brides and having the chance to wear one of these beautiful gowns? Then make your appointment today! We will be holding a 'meet the designer' event too so get in touch if you would like to attend.


♡ ✌


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