September 27, 2017

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June 29, 2018

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September 27, 2017

I've sat here for a while wondering where to start with this blog.  Do you really want to know about little old me?! But then I realised that I am Flamingo Boulevard Bridal Salon, though it still baffles me that people are so shocked it was me behind the making of this amazing boutique (Okay, I know I'm slightly biased!). I don't know what shocks them the more; the fact I'm a girl? My age? Or maybe the fact I'm 5ft nothing and wouldn't say boo to a goose, but YES all this is all me!


I am dreadful at talking about myself, so thankfully I won't bore you with the ins and outs of my life, but I do want this blog to be a little bit more personal and for you to get to know Flamingo Boulevard a little bit better - hence the blog in the first place. Over time I have found that my brides, their families and the many people I have met along the way in this business really appreciate a down to earth, honest, 'normal' person and this is something I to love come across too. I love talking to my brides about their weddings and plans they have made, partly because I'm nosey but also because I love seeing their excitement and that's what makes my job just that little bit extra special. My job isn't just all brides though, I get to work with some amazing designers and creators and some of the best people in this crazy industry!


The main question I get asked on a daily basis is why Flamingo Boulevard - Where does the name come from? So if you haven't read the 'about' on the website and you had that question too then this bits for you...




On 1st April, 2015 I married my best friend in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel, which is on Flamingo Road & Las Vegas Boulevard - Make sense now? Its my special place and obviously means so much to me so I thought hey, why not bring that to my home? (I just wish I could bring the weather too!)


The Flamingo Boulevard name also reflects the vibe we create in store. From the dresses we stock to the atmosphere and decor - We aren't your average bridal boutique and we love that! Our dresses come from all over and are exclusive to us in the Northwest and also some designers you wont find anywhere else in the UK and only at Flamingo Boulevard!


The concept of Flamingo Boulevard came easy to me. I've worked in bridal for a few years and always had an obsession with weddings and everything that came with them, but the whole 'traditional' wedding is completely not my thing. That's not to say I don't find that beautiful but I love to see a Bride & Groom/Bride & Bride/Groom & Groom put their own personal stamp on their special day and stick two fingers up to 'tradition'. Whether its a coloured dress, rocking a leather jacket, saying no to a veil or even just marrying that person you love, you shouldn't be told YOU are wrong!


So where does this passion come from? It comes from my very own wedding day! In the planning stages when everything was exciting and I had no idea where to start I was told some very wise words which stuck with me - 'Just remember it’s YOUR wedding and do what YOU want. You will never please everyone and everyone will have something to say' and boy was that true!




So when they said 'YOUR Wedding' they didn't mean just me (although I will always take more credit!) They meant me and the hubby. It’s hard enough trying to fight with the husband to get him to wear a Dickie Bow (he didn't), let alone taking on the opinions of everyone else. So from very early on (about 3 minutes in) we knew we were going to do it our way and just have to hope people understood why. However, when it came to the dress that was all me! Him not seeing the dress was one piece of 'tradition' that we wanted to keep and this was one of the hardest battles to fight on my own.


From the moment of saying 'YES!' I knew I wanted a short dress and a short dress is not 'traditional'. It resulted in lot of people sharing their opinion. 'You won’t feel bridal enough', 'you're too short to wear a tea-length dress' and 'you will look like a bridesmaid not the bride' are just a few of the opinions people were kind enough to share along the way - it made it so hard to keep my focus on what I wanted. Long story short, I went with my heart! I tried on those 'traditional' dresses, the lace, the fishtail and the big princess poof but when I put on a tea-length I got 'that feeling' - the feeling which everyone talks about - so I knew I was making the right decision. Also, to all the haters who said all those opinionated things, when I walked down the Las Vegas strip at 11:30am in my dress on my way to my wedding and the random passers-by stopped to clap and congratulate me - I totally felt like a bride!


I hope this blog will help a few brides (and maybe even grooms) with the crazy journey they are on. Wedding planning is hard but if it’s not fun you are totally doing it wrong! Join me here for more dress talk, maybe some do's and don’ts from a Wifey and also some of my recommendations for some amazing suppliers!


So 'HI!' My name is Jazmin Rice-Jones. I am a 26 year old, married, wedding obsessive and the very proud owner of Flamingo Boulevard Bridal Salon. We have some insane dresses and a beautiful boutique and really can't wait to meet you!


♡ ✌



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